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Brookhaven National Laboratory hosts concerts, lectures, and other events throughout the year which are free and open to the public. U.S. citizens age 16 and over must bring government-issued photo-identification for admission.

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    BSA Distinguished Lecture

    "Life Redesigned: The Emergence of Synthetic Biology"

    Presented by Professor James Collins, Howard Hughest Medical Institute, Boston University, Harvard University

    4 pm, Berkner Hall Auditorium

    Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 4:00 pm

    Hosted by: Peter Wanderer

    Synthetic biology is bringing together engineers, physicists and biologists to model, design and construct biological circuits out of proteins, genes and other bits of DNA, and to use these circuits to rewire and reprogram organisms. These re-engineered organisms are going to change our lives in the coming years, leading to cheaper drugs, rapid diagnostic tests, and targeted therapies to attack "superbugs". In this talk, we highlight recent efforts to create synthetic gene networks and programmable cells, and discuss a variety of synthetic biology applications in biocomputing, biotechnology and biomedicine.

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