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Giant Electromagnet Arrives at Brookhaven Lab to Map Melted Matter

A 20-ton superconducting magnet traveled from California’s SLAC Lab to New York’s Brookhaven Lab as part of a proposed upgrade to the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider’s PHENIX detector.  More...

Kathleen Hochul

Lieutenant Governor Hochul Visits Brookhaven Lab

New York State Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Hochul visited Brookhaven Lab during a whirlwind tour of Suffolk County on April 13.  More...

LSST sensor components

Galaxy-Gazing Telescope Sensors Pass Important Vision Tests

Sensors for the camera of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) just received very promising “vision” test results from physicists at Brookhaven Lab.   More...

Kristine Horvat

Stony Brook University Student Kristine Horvat Awarded Renate W. Chasman Scholarship

Kristine Horvat, a materials science and engineering student at Stony Brook University, has been awarded the 2015 Renate W. Chasman scholarship.  More...

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DEBRIEF: Lee Cheatham, BNL’s prince of partnering
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Coyote breeding on Long Island 'inevitable,' researchers say

Huge Payoff For EV Battery Range — Potentially 3X More Capacity — If Quirky Iron Fluoride Can Be Tamed
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SulfCrete readies its breakout pitch
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